Australia's Steven Smith Is Now "Comfortable" Opener In Test Matches


Steven Smith batted for 91 scores at the Gabba as the West Indies pulled off a historic victory. He will now head the ODI team.

Neha . Jan. 31, 2024

What people said when arguing that Steven Smith should not be opening for Australia in test matches, he responded well.

David Warner’s retirement from Test cricket created a vacant position in the top order, which was handed up to the 34-year old allowing room for Smith.
On Wednesday, Smith said: I’m getting around 60 as an opener. When you get stuck into commentary saying that you haven’t performed in two or three innings or whatever it is, I had a not-out and a couple of low scores.”

I didn’t think about it much. Over the years, new balls have not been a problem for me and it is simply because I play this position.

I mean, if the team needs me wherever they want to see me batting, I will go and bat – as things have been enjoyable over these few initial weeks but from statement two it is clear that he prefers himself opening up the innings.

Beginning at first place in the Test series, his overall average as extraordinary may be accredited to the fact that he played like a batsman out of all positions. Beginning with number 9, and seeing various levels of success.

Smith, who has hit 27 of his 32 Test hundreds at No. 3 or No. 4, says he didn't second-guess his opening strategy.

"He will probably be the first one to acknowledge that perhaps he has not got as many runs on the board as he would have liked, but I think he’s happy with his batting,” he said.

I believe, as batsmen, we always try to find that perfection and sometimes when you do attempt a little bit more than necessary it moves further away. One thing is certain: he is an overthinker, and I have told him so as well.

It is something about getting back to the basics and putting your trust in yourself, doing all the work you need to do from within nets.