Dr. S. Jaishankar Announces Official ‘Home Ground’ for Nepal Cricket


During Jaishankar's Nepal visit last week, he met the Nepali cricket team on his initiative.

Vishal Singh Jan. 10, 2024

In a historic announcement marking a significant development in the world of cricket, Dr. S. Jaishankar (Indian Foreign Minister) said Nepal will get an official "home stadium". This monumental decision will bring great joy to Nepali cricket lovers and players and will usher in a new era of the sport in the Himalayan country.

Nepal has been working towards building a strong cricket infrastructure for many years and this announcement is a testament to the cooperation between the Indian and Nepal Cricket Boards. The provision of an official 'home stadium' promises to foster the growth and popularity of cricket in Nepal and provide a platform for local players to showcase their talent on home soil.

Jaishankar's Visit and Rohit Paudel -

Mr. Jaishankar visited Kathmandu on January 4 and 5, 2024 at the invitation of Nepal's Foreign Minister Nepal, Mr Saud co-chaired the 7th session of the India-Nepal Joint Commission. During his visit, Jaishankar is said to have met the Nepal cricket team at his own intent and had shared snapshots from the meeting.

Now, Nepal captain Rohit Paudel has revealed that Jaishankar has finally promised to provide Nepal with a home stadium.

“It was a pleasure to meet him because he himself called us. He was very happy to meet us. He congratulated us on being selected for the World Cup. And he talked about what support we can get from the BCCI in the coming days,”
~BBC News Nepali quoted Rohit as saying.
“He said it before we said anything. I think BCCI has a big role in the progress Afghanistan has made in cricket in ten years. They gave Afghanistan a home ground,”
~He added.

Rohit Paudel

Wave of Happiness in Nepal -


Cricket is rapidly gaining importance in Nepal, with passionate fans supporting the national team in various international tournaments. This announcement is timely for Nepal's cricketing ambitions and lays the foundation for the development of the game at both grassroots and professional levels.

Cricket lovers and players will be looking forward to witnessing the inauguration of the official 'home stadium' as Nepal celebrates this momentous occasion. The venue is expected to become a hub for cricket events, attracting not only local tournaments but also international matches and enhancing Nepal's standing on the world cricket stage.