ICC Changes One More Rule: No Need To Check Caught Behind Stumps


Check the major changes brought in by ICC to the rules of cricket regarding the TV umpire, injury, and replacement player.

Raman Khatri Jan. 4, 2024

There is a new update from ICC about the rule in which the TV umpire checks the stumping appeal. According to the new update, the TV will not check for a caught behind when there is a stumping appeal referred by the on-field umpire.

This modification came into action on 12th December 2023. Now if a team thinks that they want to review the caught behind-out, under the condition that the keeper has also removed the bails, they will have to do that separately via DRS.

In the previous year, Alex Carrey at the time of the series against India appealed several times for a stumping, and while checking the TV umpire also checked for an edge if the issue was passed from the on-field umpires. Now after the change, the umpires will not check for a nick, and if the team wants to check for the same, they will have to take a DRS option.

"The change confines a stumping review to only check for stumped, therefore preventing the fielding team a free review for other modes of dismissal (i.e, caught behind) without choosing a player review," read ICC's new amendment.

There are two more small updates from ICC -

1) Now the substitute player cannot bowl if he is replacing the player if the replaced player was suspended from bowling at the time of the concussion.

2)The limitation time for the field injury assessment and treatment has been set to 4 minutes now by the ICC.