Igor Stimac Lambasts Referee After a Tough Loss To Qatar

Igor Stimac Lambasts Referee After a Tough Loss To Qatar

Igor Stimac wasn't amused after the controversial goal that ended India's dream of playing the FIFA World Cup.

Deepansh Bajaj June 12, 2024

Indian Football coach didn't mince his words, he was frustrated after what he saw at the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers from the sidelines.

Stimac has lambasted the match referees after they didn't look at Qatar's equalizer in the World Cup Qualifiers on Tuesday. India badly needed a win their final second-round league game to qualify for the next round.

India had a great start to the game when Lallianzuala Chhangte scored in the 37th minute. Qatar hit a goal in the 73rd minute, a goal that changed the complexion of the game, a goal by no means that should've been legalized as a goal.

That's clearly not a goal

In the 73rd minute, Indian Skipper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu was trying to save a header, but the ball went through his legs and went out of play, Alhashmi Mohialdin pulled it back and then Yousef Aymen sent the ball toward the net, the Indian players were clearly not happy with the decision and even protested with the referees, but the decision didn't change, there was no VAR in this game.

Ahmed-Al-Rawi then scored the final goal of the game in the 85th minute, ending a billion dreams of the Indian fans.

Stimac was clear in his wording he didn't want to use the goal as an excuse for India's loss, but it eventually 'Killed' their dream.

Stimac on Post-Match Press Conference

Qatar got a little lucky tonight as they came back after being 0-1 down via an unfair goal, I can claim this now as I've seen the replays, the ball was outside of play, but still, the goal was granted to them, It should not happen in today's Football matches, because that one moment has changed everything.
it could also have happened with Qatar, I'm not using this as an excuse, but I feel it's important to say that 23 boys are representing a nation and looking to achieve a dream, and that dream gets 'killed' due to poor decisions because we couldn't stop the decisions from taking place. FI

he further added that these decisions are "Kind of an Injustice" to his players who have made India proud all these days.

It was Kind of an Injustice to me and my team, we were very close to winning this game and qualifying for the third round, but still congratulations to Qatar. I feel both countries will be proud of their players and the skill they showed on the field, both teams enjoyed their time on the field today. Many people are saying that Qatar played with their reserve team, but this Indian is also not old as compared to Qatar. Stimac added

Stimac also said that India missed many chances in the first half of the game

We missed as many as three scoring opportunities today in the first half, something is lacking in our Football, Those were clinical reactions from inside the box

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