IPL becomes a Decacorn with a Valuation of $10.7 bn, MI Most Valuable Team


IPL has achieved the status of Deacorn, with an overall brand value of over $10 bn dollar. IPL has seen a significant rise of 28% in valuation from 2022.

Vishal Singh Dec. 14, 2023

IPL Brand Value Soars To $10 Billion -

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has smashed records, becoming the world's first cricket league to reach "Decacorn" status with a stunning 28% brand value growth in 2023. Now valued at a staggering $10.7 billion, the IPL boasts a loyal fan base with packed stadiums, massive online viewership, and hefty media partnerships that fuel its ongoing success. This explosive growth solidifies the IPL's position as a powerhouse not just in cricket, but in the global sports landscape.

IPL: A Decade-and-a-Half of Supremacy

IPL since its inaugural has become the epitome of a global cricketing event and a major source of entertainment and sporting excellence.

There are many reasons why the IPL's brand value has continued to grow, including the passionate support of fans attending matches, the wide availability of matches through online platforms, and successful partnerships with media outlets, all contributing to the league's success as a global cricketing spectacle.

Brand Value of Teams -

Mumbai Indians - Rs 725 crore

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) - Rs 675 crore

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) - Rs 657 crore

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) - Rs 582 crore

Lucknow Super Giants has secured the 8th position and is the fastest-growing franchise with a brand value of $47 million and an increase of 48% of the total growth. Also according to Brand Finance, the introduction of the Women's Premier League (WPL) boosted the respective brand values of the teams.