Mushfiqur Rahim Got Out For Griping the Ball Against New Zealand

Mushfiqur Rahim Got Out

Mushfiqur Rahim became the first Bangladeshi player to get out for obstructing the field.

Ashwani Saini Dec. 6, 2023

A peculiar dismissal of Bangladeshi batter Mushfiqur Rahim against New Zealand surprised social media. He got out for obstructing the field by griping the ball against New Zealand in the 2nd test match.

First Bangladeshi Cricketer

The first Bangladeshi cricketer to be out for "Griping the ball" was the wicketkeeper-batter who was playing against Kyle Jamieson of New Zealand. Some former cricketers like Michael Vaughan, Mohsin Khan, and Mohinder Amarnath were also dismissed by obstructing the field.


Touched The Ball By Mistake

When Rahim fielded a rising delivery in the 41st over, the ball bounced high as a result of Rahim's daring defensive move. Rahim, in a panic, touched the ball by mistake, even though it seemed to have veered to the off-side. He was trying to keep it from ever reaching the stumps. Cricket rules state that a batsman may use his bat or leg to intercept the ball, but he is not allowed to touch the ball during his innings. The New Zealand fielders filed an appeal after Rahim's actions, and the umpires duly granted the appeal, which resulted in Rahim's dismissal.