Virat Kohli becomes Most Searched Asian personality of 2023


With the unprecedented popularity of Kohli, no one is even close to his stardom.

Vishal Singh Jan. 1, 2024

Three Asian stars conquered the internet in 2023. Their talent, impact, and captivating presence on social media made them the most searched for, leaving an undeniable mark on their fields and the world's attention. Let's discover what made them earn online royalty.

1) Virat Kohli -


In the realm of sports, one Asian figure dominated online searches in 2023 – a legend known for his batting prowess on the pitch and their dedication to making a difference off it. Known as a scoring machine, this individual captivated fans worldwide with their skill and passion. Their impact transcended the boundaries of the sport, leaving an inevitable mark on both the game and the hearts of supporters. Let's celebrate this inspiring icon, whose dedication both on and off the field made them a face of excellence in 2023.

Cricket Royalty and Record-Breaking Feats

In a digital age obsessed with speed, one Asian sporting icon shattered records, leaving even a legend like Tendulkar in the dust. This star, affectionately nicknamed a relentless "scoring machine," achieved milestones, reaching 8,000, 9,000, and up to 13,000 ODI runs in a record-breaking 267 innings. Not just fast, but consistently phenomenal, this athlete's fiery passion and unmatched performance fueled the online crowd, making them a perpetual fixture atop search engine charts, a true champion loved by the digital masses.

Off the Field: Kohli’s Impact Beyond Cricket

Beyond cricket, Virat Kohli's influence spans philanthropic initiatives and advocacy for a healthy lifestyle. His dedication to fitness and commitment to social impact have earned him a diverse following, sparking curiosity about his life and contributions.

2) Jungkook -

K-pop sensation BTS continued to dominate the global entertainment scene in 2023, with Jungkook emerging as one of the most searched Asians. As the youngest member of the group, Jungkook’s multifaceted talents, ranging from singing and dancing to songwriting, captivated fans worldwide.

Exceptional Musical Journey -

Jungkook’s artistry and stage presence contributed significantly to BTS’s global success. His ability to connect with fans through emotionally compatible performances and his role in shaping the group’s musical direction made him a standout figure in the entertainment industry.


Beyond the Stage: Jungkook’s Charisma

Jungkook’s appeal extends beyond his musical talents. His social media presence, interactions with fans, and glimpses into his personal life have created a global fanbase eager to explore every facet of his journey. The curiosity surrounding his life choices and experiences fueled the surge in online searches.

3. V (BTS): The Visual and Vocal Marvel

Another BTS member, V (Kim Taehyung), secured his place among the most searched Asians, thanks to his unique combination of striking visuals and exceptional vocal abilities. V’s artistic contributions to BTS’s discography and his charismatic persona made him a sought-after personality online.

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His Looks and Voice -

V’s impact on BTS’s visual aesthetics and his soulful voice have garnered admiration from fans and critics alike. His role in shaping the group’s artistic direction and his standout performances in music videos made him one of the most searched personality of 2023.

Charm and Personality

V’s personality and occasional glimpses into his private life added an element of mystery, further creating curiosity among fans. The desire to understand the man behind the artist fueled the surge in searches, as fans sought to unveil the layers of V’s persona.