Noor Ahmed is Banned by ILT20 for a Year for Violating the Player Agreement


He was found guilty of breaching his contract with the Sharjah Warriors

Vishal Singh Feb. 21, 2024

Afghanistan's Noor Ahmad has been banned for a year by International League T20 (ILT20) due to a breach of contract with his team, Sharjah Warriors.

Noor is now the second player to receive such a ban following Naveen-ul-Haq, who also received a similar penalty.

Why was Noor Ahmed punished by ILT20?

Before the first season, Noor was signed to a contract by the Warriors, but he declined to sign it in an attempt to participate in the SA20. The young spinner's denial forced the Warriors to intervene, and they spoke with the ILT20 about the situation.

Noor's first ban was originally scheduled to last 20 months, but it was eventually lowered to 12 months because he was underage when he signed a deal with the Sharjah Warriors.

What did the Federation say?


The International League T20 has banned spinner Noor Ahmad for 12 months for breaching his Player Agreement with Sharjah Warriors who had signed him for Season 1 of the tournament. Noor was offered another year’s extension by the Warriors but refused to sign the retention notice for Season 2.
Noor played for Sharjah Warriors in Season 1 of the ILT20 (January-February 2023) who sent him a retention notice on the same terms and conditions per the Player Agreement terms ahead of Season 2.
Following Noor’s refusal, the Sharjah Warriors approached the ILT20 to intervene in this dispute."
The ILT20’s three-member Disciplinary Committee which includes the league’s Chief Executive Officer David White, Head of Security and Anti-Corruption Col. Azam, and Member Emirates Cricket Board Zayed Abbas investigated the matter and separately heard both the parties i.e. Noor and Sharjah Warriors and on examining the evidence before them, conveyed its final verdict of a 12-month ban on Noor.
The committee had initially recommended a 20-month ban but took into consideration the fact that Noor was a minor at the time of signing the Player Agreement and has represented to the committee that his agent had not informed him of the full terms of the contract and as such, pardoned eight months from his original ban
~read the statement from ILT20

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