Game Over? Top Dangerous Mobile Games That Can Hurt You

Top dangerous mobile games

Game On, But Stay Safe: Top Dangerous Mobile Games and Guide to Responsible Mobile Gaming

Neha . June 13, 2024

It should be noted that when people speak of the ‘’dangerous mobile game’’, it can be understood in a couple of ways. Some games themselves may appear to be graphic or scary; the fun part of internet is a completely different type of harmful.

Here's a breakdown of two types of top dangerous mobile games:

Challenges that can cause physical harm

There have been these alarming trends of online challenges involving serious consequences such as injuries and even death. These are often shared over social media and affect the youths. Here are a few examples:

1. The Blue Whale Challenge:

This is an outrageous example where the ‘participants’ are trained to do tasks of escalating (khatra, danger) up to and including self-harm or suicide.


2. Fire Fairy:

An internet joke called Fire Fairy is aimed for younger kids. Children are given the perilous instructions to switch on the stove's gas at midnight when no one else is there, then return to their beds. They will awaken and turn into fire fairies, the game claims.


The Daily Mail reports that a five-year-old girl who believed she might be transformed into a "fire fairy" as promised online has already become a victim of the game and had terrible burns to her body.

3. Choking Games:

These include choking for a few seconds to get high, which puts one in a compromising position of fainting and even permanent brain damage.


4.Cinnamon Challenges:

These include cases of eating dangerous substances such as laundry pods or too many spices or liquids.


5. The Salt and Ice Challenge:

Another online challenge that involves self-harming is the "Salt and Ice" challenge. After being encouraged to apply salt on their skin typically the arm ice is placed over the salt. A scorching sensation that is akin to frost bite is experienced, and competitors attempt to see who can endure the discomfort for the longest.


After then, the challenge is recorded and uploaded to YouTube or other social media platforms. Why does it hurt? When ice and salt are combined, a chemical reaction occurs that can cause the mixture to reach as cold as -18°C and burn through skin.

6. Gallon challenge:

The task of ingesting a substantial quantity of milk within a designated time frame presents a unique obstacle. It is usually a struggle to a person to consume one US gallon or 3.8 liters of whole milk without experiencing nausea. A gallon of any kind of liquids consumed in such a short period of time is quite harmful. People frequently throw up, and in the rare event that they don't, their cells may become too hydrated.


Mobile Games Encouraging Risky Behavior

Even while they aren't always dangerous, certain mobile apps might foster unhealthy in-game routines or obsessive behavior that can carry over into real life.

1. Excessive in-app purchases:

Some games may put players under pressure to spend real money on in-app purchases, which might result in overspending.

2. Cyberbullying:

Bullies who target other players in games with online communities may be found there.

3. Social Isolation:

Immersion in a mobile game too much might cause one to overlook social interactions and obligations in real life.

Staying Safe:

Parental Guidance:

It's critical that parents talk to their kids about internet safety and keep an eye on the games they play.



Encourage youngsters to speak openly about issues they encounter online and to be cautious of anything that looks unsafe.

Make Balance a Priority:

Establish reasonable time limitations for mobile gaming and make sure it doesn't take up time for other crucial tasks.

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