How Net Bowlers are Selected in IPL and How Much They are Paid?


Net bowlers are a crucial part of the team's practice session

Vishal Singh Feb. 5, 2024

It's crucial to remember that different IPL clubs may have different selection procedures for net bowlers. While some teams might rely on referrals or scouting networks, others might use open trials. The three main things that will increase your chances of getting picked as a net bowler for an IPL squad are patience, determination, and constant growth.

Hence, To join an IPL team as a net bowler, you can follow these steps:

Make a resume for cricket:


Create a thorough cricket resume that showcases your accomplishments, playing history, and pertinent abilities. Provide specifics like your bowling technique, statistics, standout games, and any honors or accolades you've gotten.

Speak with your local cricket associations:


Find out more about being a net bowler by getting in touch with your local cricket associations or cricket clubs. They could be able to offer details about trials, the selection process, or suggestions on how to stand out to IPL teams.

Attend trials or selection camps:


To find talented players, particularly net bowlers, several IPL clubs host tryouts or selection camps. Watch for any announcements or alerts regarding trials on the IPL teams' official websites and social media accounts. Registering for these activities is essential to show off your abilities.

Perform good in different open competitions -


Redbull has a tie-up with the Rajasthan Royals team so they endorse their net bowling section by selecting net bowlers for them. They organize a competition called 'Speedster' in which bowlers from different parts of the country come to give their trial and based on their skill and luck, they get selected for the respective franchise. Like Redbull's speedster, many other programs are also running for various teams.

Direct communication with IPL teams:


Reach out to IPL teams directly via their official websites or team management. Send them your cricketing credentials, any pertinent videos, and performance highlights, along with an expression of interest in becoming a net bowler. Approach situations with professionalism and courtesy.

Make Connections and Give Trials -


Make connections with coaches and players by going to local cricket events, tournaments, or camps where coaches or players from the Indian Premier League may be present. Make an effort to build relationships with them by exhibiting your abilities, asking for assistance, and expressing your enthusiasm for the activity. Making connections with powerful people in the cricketing scene might help you stand out from the crowd.

So, these are various ways in which players get selected as net-bowlers and vice-versa in the way in which IPL franchises select young talents to perform well in the nets which might also land them in some big contracts.

What is the salary of net bowlers?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 season will start on 23rd March. The first match will be played between defending champions Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and Gujarat Titans (GT). This is only the Gujarat team’s 3rd season, and its captaincy is in the hands of star batsman, Shubhman Gill.

Practice sessions might start in a few weeks and for that net bowlers are required for the practice of batters. In the Indian Premier League, player fees are determined by contract and auction. In addition, all of this is disclosed in front of the fans. However, very few would be aware of the fees net bowlers receive. If I tell you that they get nothing, don't be shocked.

Net bowlers

Indeed, this is accurate. Net bowlers were retained for free before Corona. However, the net bowlers had to spend the full season in the bio-bubble because of the protocols during Corona. They needed to be carried along. Because of this, net bowlers received a season's salary of almost Rs 5 lakh during the Corona era.

Franchises used to cover living and food costs as well. However, the practice of keeping net bowlers free was revived following Corona. In whichever city the team travels to for the match, the local net bowlers are waiting. It is unnecessary to keep the net bowlers together in this circumstance and pay for their lodging, food, and beverages.

However, it has been discovered that there are some guidelines to keep net bowlers after speaking with a domestic cricket player. Let's say the franchisee needs a specific net bowler. The franchisee or team management refers to him as "special," and the net bowler receives a daily salary of about 7,000 rupees.

The net bowler's greatest benefit in this scenario is that the franchisee handles all aspects of their grooming and nutrition. After joining the team, that young net bowler gains a lot of knowledge as well. He has the opportunity to bowl in front of a professional player, and the bowling instructor can teach him a lot. You have the opportunity to improve on your weaknesses.

A sports academy does not get payment if it hires players to bowl net or if it arranges net bowlers on its behalf. This is done to allow the player to become a net bowler and showcase his talent. This gives him the potential to receive other opportunities.


Umran Malik is one example of this. Umran started as a net bowler for Sunrisers Hyderabad before making his Indian team debut.