IPL 2024: Top 5 Bowlers with the most Dot balls

Dot balls

Upsetting the batsman! Which bowlers in the IPL 2024 are squeezing the most dots?

Neha . April 18, 2024

In T20 cricket, when scores are everything, the most basic skill is the ability to make run-outs with dot balls. There aren't many bowlers in the IPL 2024 that excel in pressuring their opponents. The top five bowlers with the most dot balls are listed as follows:

1. Trent Boult (with 68 Dot Balls).

The left-handed bowler from New Zealand, Trent Boult, is regarded as the swing king. The fact that bowlers get a lot of dot balls at the beginning of an over justifies him as a serious threat to them.


2. Kagiso Rabada (with 68 Dot Balls).

In addition to Rabada, another pacer on this list is a particular one that masters batters with both variations and pure pace. In addition to taking wickets, he has skillfully managed the team's run-scoring rhythm. His squad benefits from his ability to limit runs.


3. Khaleel Ahmed (with 67 Dots Balls)

Khaleel Ahmed, a left-arm pacer for the Delhi Capitals, has been quite effective this season. It's challenging for batters to score runs because of the ball's pace and precision. He has led the ball in the majority of games as a result of this.


4. Jasprit Bumrah (with 66 Dot Balls)

At the batting end of the gun, the ever-present danger of the similarly unorthodox Jasprit Bumrah causes mayhem. Batsmen are unable to score easily because of the length and pace consistency, which causes them to frequently play cautious shots and stall the run rate.


5. Tushar Deshpande (with 60 Dot Balls)

Tushar Deshpande, the crafty orthodox spinner, is in the lead. His success is mostly attributed to his ability to spin the ball and use trickery while in flight, which is a valuable weapon in his arsenal. Dot ball counts are typical as the batting players attempt to decipher his complex variations.


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