Pakistan Players to Pay $500 Fine for Sleeping in the Dressing Room

pakistan sleeping in dressing room

Pakistan cricketers, if found sleeping in the dressing room during match hours, will bear the heat of PCB as they will be penalized with a $500 fine if caught doing so.

Vishal Singh Dec. 29, 2023

Pakistan are having a troubling time in Australia as they suffered an embarrassing defeat in the first Test and are trailing by 241 runs in the 2nd Test after the end of play on day 3. Before the start of the series, PCB underwent several changes as they changed the captain and even Mohammad Hafeez took on the role of the team’s new director.

Mohammad Hafeez as Head -

In the latest events, Hafeez introduced stricter rules for players to increase their professionalism. Hafeez, known for his disciplined approach, has introduced new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with a zero-tolerance policy on inactivity, including a $500 fine for players caught sleeping in the dressing room.


According to reports, there were a few players who were not a part of the playing XI and used the dressing room to take a nap. The management has told the players to only sleep in the hotel. If the players are found to be asleep within the stadium premises, they will be fined 500$. Hafeez has been nicknamed the ‘Professor’ because of his strict attitude. He focuses on discipline and wants the players to avoid being lethargic.