RCB Inconsistent Start: A Look at Their Last 3 Matches in IPL 2024


Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have had a mixed bag in their last 3 IPL matches

Neha . April 2, 2024

Let's see what report card RCB match performance has made in the last 3 matches. The Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) have won one and lost two of their previous three games as they start their IPL 2024 campaign with a record of inconsistency. Fans are baffled by RCB's erratic play and question whether they can figure out the winning recipe.

Match 1: RCB vs CSK (A Glimmer of Hope)

RCB got off to a great start when they triumphed in a close match. their opening batsmen mostly contributed with the key contributions from Virat Kohli and Faf du Plessis to chuck up a decent total on the board. With bowlers in the frontline the most dependable Mohammed Siraj, the bowling line finished the job by restricting the opposition and attaining a badly needed win.


Match 2: RCB vs PBKS (A Reality Check)

RCB Match performance to the finals began with an amazing victory. This sparked much-needed euphoria when, in their second match, they suffered a crushing defeat. Their batting stumbled with batsmen passing up on the opportunities. A strange turn of events saw the first match's bowlers give away a lot of runs, unlike in the previous game. The poor performance of RCB here in a one-sided encounter manifested some of RCB’s weaknesses competitively speaking and it was clear that adjustments needed to be made.


Match 3: RCB vs KKR (Inconsistency Continues)

The third match presented a hint of a ray of hope, but it wasn't enough. RCB's batting started to come back to the top with a crucial innings from the middle-order. In spite of achieving a healthy total, the bowling attack disappointingly was once again the Achilles' heel of the team again not being able to defend the total. This made the RCB situation clearer as it only signified the team's consistent failures and their inability to put up a well-balanced team effort.


Looking Ahead:

RCB has to swiftly fix their flaws while the season is still young. Players other than Kohli and du Plessis need to contribute more to the batting. In particular, some stability must be found for the intermediate order. Siraj is a powerful bowling attack, but it still needs more assistance from the other pacers and spinners.

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