Rohit Sharma to the Rescue? Can He Ease Pressure on Hardik Pandya?


The responsibility to save Captain Hardik Pandya from the crowd fire falls on Rohit Sharma

Neha . April 1, 2024

The Mumbai Indians' seemingly unbeatable reputation has waned in the IPL 2024. After two straight defeats, Hardik Pandya, their recently anointed captain, has come under scrutiny. The previous captain Rohit Sharma is being mentioned with Pandya as he tries to establish himself as the leader.

The captain of Mumbai Indians in Pandya played one of the hardest tasks in a franchise cricket when the management asked him to be the leader. Despite the fact that it sounds easy, being a coach of a team equipped with as many stars as Mumbai is not a route without ups and downs.


The capacity of meeting the legacy of Rohit Sharma who led the team to 5 titles in 10 years as well as the responsibility to prove the owners' decision of his appointment as a captain is a huge challenge. True to say, up to this point in the Mumbai Indians' 2 games, Hardik hasn't been able to meet the challenge and show his best.

Thanks to Hardik that he may be able to prevent fan anger from overflowing to his captaincy job but he is likely to suffer it on the field in some way. Although there is no simple solution to it still it depends on the leadership of Rohit Sharma to change those modulations.

While back on those days when Kohli got the crowd to stop booing at the Steve Smith at the Adelaide Oval? With Ramesh very badly affected by a section of Indian fans at the venue, Virat was moved to the point that he was inclined to demand them to stop it. The audience raptly listened and even Smith was thankful to Kohli for the gesture.

Following the controversy involving Naveen-ul-Haq from the Lucknow Super Giants in IPL 2023, Virat Kohli showed the fans a whole new direction for their jeers at the Afghan fast bowler. The Indian veteran, during a T20 match against Afghanistan earlier this year, urged fans to stop booing the Afghanistan bowler. The crowd once again listened and the interplay between the two cricketers was finally history.

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