Tom Curran Banned for 4 Matches in BBL Matches

tom curran

Sydney Sixers' import, Tom Curran, has been suspended for the team's next four matches due to alleged intimidation of an umpire, with the club planning to appeal the decision vigorously

Vishal Singh Dec. 21, 2023

The altercation between the referee and an unnamed player took place during a match between the Sixers and Hobart Hurricanes on December 11 in Launceston. The player, who was attempting to complete a practice run-up on the pitch during warm-up, was instructed by the referee not to run onto the pitch. Despite this, the player moved to the other end of the wicket and attempted another practice run-up, which led to an altercation with the referee. As a result, the player was charged with a level 3 offense under Cricket Australia's code of conduct.

“The umpire took up position next to the stumps, preventing Curran from approaching the field and gestured to Curran to move away from the field,” the statement said.

“Curran was seen on the footage gesturing to the referee to leave the pitch.

“Curran then attempted to make a practice run and run at pace straight towards the umpire who was standing opposite Curran in the bowling alley. The umpire stepped to the right to avoid the risk of a collision.”

Curran was subsequently charged by match referee Bob Parry under Article 2.17 of the Code of Conduct for “intimidating or attempting to intimidate a referee, match referee or medical staff, whether by language or behavior (including gestures) during a match”.

Curran opposed the charge but was found guilty with four suspension points - equivalent to four BBL matches as his punishment. Sydney Sixers chief Rachael Haynes confirmed the club would “vigorously appeal” the four-match sanction.

“Tom and the club maintain that Tom did not knowingly or intentionally intimidate any match official and, on legal advice, we will exercise our right to appeal the decision,” Haynes said.

“We will support Tom during this period and look forward to his return to the field.”