"Toota Hai Gabba Ka Ghamand": Biggest Day In the History of Indian Test Cricket


Aussies unbeaten at Gabba, now a Myth

Vishal Singh Jan. 19, 2024

January 19 marked a major event in the history of Indian cricket. On this day exactly three years ago- February 15, 2021 – team India pulled off one of the biggest upset stories in cricket history winning a Test against Australia in their stronghold around Brisbane. With chief Ajinkya Rahane leading from behind the bars of a 0-1 hole in the Test series, Team India eventually raised its nose up albeit with a historic winning status flush enough at Down Under that read as well recorded by way of win 2-1. In addition to this, it brought the end of Australia’s 32-year Test record whereby they managed victory at Gabba.

Despite the hugely disappointing loss that saw India being all-out on 36 runs in their first innings to lose the Test match at least and probably also the series, after which setbacks seemed preordained but barely single digits for improbabilities defied constraints by scaling unthinkable heights almost nothing short of reach ever since. To conclude, the series made its way to Brisbane after a marvelous triumph in Melbourne and an impressive draw from Sydney. As the Indian cricket team became the first Asian team in history to win back-to-back series on Australian soil, new heroes were born. At Gabba, the Australian Test team fortress, the series came to an end. Over there, they hadn't lost. But to secure a historic victory, a courageous Indian squad overcame hardships, agony, and other setbacks. India's breakthrough into Gabba Fort made Rishabh Pant the series hero.