Rohit Sharma Defends Hardik Pandya, Asks Fans to Stop Booing


Rohit urges the Wankhede crowd to stop booing Pandya after a crushing defeat for Mumbai Indians

Neha . April 2, 2024

Another IPL day has passed for Mumbai Indians and once again Hardik Pandya was in the fired up stand. After he took over from Rohit Sharma the captain of Mumbai Indians, Pandya has experienced the amount of hostility on social media platforms and at the ground he had never known before.

Now it's happening at home stadium of Mumbai Indians Wankhede Stadium. Soon as Rohit Sharma came out for the toss against Rajasthan Royals, the Mumbai Indians skipper heard boos instead of 'Rohit... Rohit' chants echoing at Wankhede Stadium during the IPL match on Monday.

But when Pandya got hold of the bat, he completely turned the tables, winning over the whole audience with no fewer than six boundaries in 21 balls of 34. His team went from 20/4 to 76/5 in the tenth over as his spectacular knock came to a close.

In reality, the cheers that rose from the stands at the moment were as loud as those in the stadium when Pandya hammered that first four, a scenario totally unlike the evening’s hostile reception.

Being an Indian cricketer, Pandya was booed by certain groups of spectators before the toss while he was doing field rounds exercises.

yet again, we saw the flamboyant all-rounder get booed after his name was pronounced during the toss while, amidst the loud chants supporting Rohit who used to captain the team from Mumbai, Pandya could only smiled throughout the event.


When the match started, the players warm-ups happened Rohit playing in his training kit met the former teammate, Harbhajan Singh who was on the field as one of the commentators to do the pre-match show.

Hardik's win is just a moment away, as he wins a significant match for Mumbai Indian by an outstanding effort; he is likely to walk into the Wankhede stadium as a hero.

Wanakde will be declaring "Navratri maa Daandiya, Wankhede maa Pandya" in the coming days, as confirmed by Nish Navalkar, a member of 'North Stand Gang' at the eminent stadium.

On the other hand, the fans inside the stadium were not permitted until their pennants were confiscated at the direction of the election commission to the Mumbai police.

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